I looked up the 3 Laws of Energy in order to present them in this blog, however, my energy levels are somewhat reduced as I haven’t been drinking water as I usually do and it was a little more difficult than I thought to simplify what these laws entail.

What I do know is that all beings require energy in order to function. In order to function well, humans require fuel and we gain energy from consuming food. In order to extract energy from food, every single cell needs to activate in order for that food to process into energy. At the core of generating this energy, is water.

Water is essential for life – involved in many cellular functions, including energy production. By drinking water at regular intervals throughout the day, you’re already providing your body and brain with an energy boost. Not only does water help stimulate the organs responsible for the digestive function, it lubricates joints and muscles, plumps up our skin, keeps our eyes clear, promotes healthy blood circulation and overall helps our body function at its best.

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