I still giggle when I think about drinking water fountains. Heavens only know why. We used to have one in the dojo I did karate at (jaha – more to this blogista than just a keyboard I tell ya). I just thought the water fountain was awfully clever.  Our school certainly didn’t have them. No siree Bob, our school had school toilets – ugh – and school basins – double ugh – and Lifebuoy soap – *shudder*.

Then, schools changed and we got lucky. How so, you ask? This so, I say:

AquAid’s stylish drinking water fountains make a great addition to any school, gym or area where a high volume of water is required.  Research has shown that children do not drink enough water during the school day which is why AquAid are one of the UK’s leading providers of water coolers and drinking fountains to schools. These machines offer you the added benefit of being durable as well as only using a small footprint.

Water Fountain – features:
  • Rugged Steel construction
  • Stainless steel sink top
  • Both Swan neck and bubble options
  • Extremely durable with proven reliability
  • Drainage and mains water required
  • Coil on Coil refrigerated cooling system resulting in reduced running costs
  • Environmentally friendly
Why the emphasis on Water Coolers & Drinking Fountains for Schools?

Dehydration is serious for all of us, but no more so than to our children. At the time a child starts to feel thirsty, they will have already lost more than 20% of their ability to perform both physically and mentally. The direct result of this is not only a worsened academic performance but also lower concentration spans leading to increased classroom disruption.

An experiment in ‘brain hydration’ carried out at an Edinburgh primary school showed that the introduction of water bottles on pupils’ desks led to a significant improvement in national test results over a 2 year period. Despite these important facts:

  • Two-thirds of children are still not getting enough drinking water, and
  • A fifth of children drink no water at all,

according to research conducted by the Department of Health and Food Standards Agency.­

So, this is rather marvellous news all round as having easy access to drinking water means a healthier and happier child, who is more able to pay attention in class, will have a better capacity to learn and will have sufficient (but not sugar-filled) energy to get through the day.

Please, contact us at AquAid today, we’ll be more than happy to take you through the choices for the optimum water cooler for use at your school; gym or play area.