On Monday I received a quick update from AquAid South Coast about their supplying the Glastonbury Festival with the festival’s drinking water requirements – to quote it directly, it read, “Things are going swimmingly … LOL …” Seems as if the famous British weather is getting into the (aha) swim of things and have turned the conditions, not super nova, but super muddy.

The great news is this hasn’t deterred more than a hundred thousand festival goers from attending though, with more expected to arrive over the weekend. I see plenty of mudplay (not to be confused with Coldplay) taking place!

Whereas Muddy Waters (he he he) seems to have been the theme early this week in the ramp up to the festival, it’s a relief to know that the loan water cooler count has risen to over one hundred coolers on site and another forty four coolers have been installed this week.

So although it looks like wellie weather is de rigeur this year at the festival, at least there’ll be plenty of unmuddied water to drink.

In other updates, and keeping  with the entertainment industry, AquAid South Coast are listed as an ALBERT+ Green supplier – and have recently set up deals with Bristol BBC to supply bottle fed water coolers to the famous BottleYard Studios – specifically to the sets of the Antiques Roadshow and The Three Queens productions. Even more exciting is news is that AquAid will also be supplying the set for the shooting of the second in the Poldark series. (Exciting for me, that is, as I lapped up the Poldark books and think the first series was very well done!)

Is that a smattering of applause I hear for the team at AquAid South Coast? No? Perhaps it’s just the rain bucketing on down again. Ah, well.