It seems as it was just yesterday that we were all in the icy grip of winter and then lo and behold, we’re in our second month of Spring – not even time to catch our collective breath as we watch the seasons rollercoaster past.

Now that we’re in this burgeoning season, we thought we’d have a look at dispelling a few myths about the Spring Equinox. According to an article in the Farmers’ Almanac:

Myth:  You Won’t Have A Noontime Shadow
 Technically, this myth is somewhat true. However, conditions have to be incredibly precise for this to happen. It’s all about being the right place at the right time. Since the Sun is always at an angle to you, you always cast a shadow. In order not to cast a shadow, the Sun needs to be directly overhead. Because the Sun is situated over the equator at the equinox, you’d have to be standing at the equator precisely at noon on the day of the equinox for this to happen.


Myth: The Equinox Is A Day-Long Event

Reality: An equinox doesn’t take all day – it’s only a moment in time! The true equinox an exact moment in which the Sun passes over the equator—blink and you’ll miss it.

Myth: The Spring Equinox Can Alter Your Mood
 This is another one of those myths based partly in truth. In actuality, the Sun moving across the equator has no real effect on emotions. But, seasonal changes can and often do play a big part in moods. So while the moment of the vernal equinox itself isn’t responsible for changes in your emotions, it’s likely that around this time of year you’re experiencing at least a little bit of spring fever, or leftover effects of the winter’s shorter days.

The equinox’s significance centres on the Sun’s position relative to the equator. It’s the astronomical start of spring, which means longer days for those of us in the northern hemisphere.

Speaking of mood and now we’re perking up due to the current season; let’s look at one of the simplest and easiest routes to improving your mood and outlook. That is to keep you properly hydrated.

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