We Britons are big on weather – it’s the go to topic of discussion irrespective of whether we’re chatting with colleagues around the water cooler or family or friends, and it’s the safety topic when you’re chatting to strangers or people you’ve just met.

Discussing the weather isn’t just exclusively a British thing though – it’s pretty much a global go to safe topic around the world. If you’re a southern hemisphere dweller, you’ll invariably be moaning about the heat at the same time that the northern hemispherers will be complaining about the icy winds, the piles of snow, but wherever you reside, there’ll be a whole lot of weather talk going on.

Thing is though, often the weather isn’t really topical, it’s actually quite dull “Here, mate, seen the weather – 1 degree difference between yesterday and today – isn’t that something?” Well, actually, no  … it isn’t.

But, whatever our opinion about the topic of weather, there’s no denying it has a huge impact on our behavioural patterns; moods; what we eat; our travel patterns; clothing and what we drink.

F’r instance, in the summer months, we’re constantly on the lookout for the perfectly chilled water (perfectly understandable), but come the winter months, like now, with all the snow and brrr, there’s nothing better than a cuppa to stave off the chill, so you’re more likely to be on the lookout for a water boiler that can provide you with a constant hot water supply throughout the day.

Either way, even if you’re freezing your tootsies off trudging through the snow and all you can think about is a piping hot drink when you get inside, it’s worth keeping in mind that you’re just as likely to become dehydrated in winter as you are in summer, so by all means, drink those hot drinks, but balance out each hot drink with a drink of cold water and keep yourself fighting fit and healthy come rain, snow or shine.