As we head into cooler climes, having a constant supply of refreshing drinking water, both hot and cold, becomes all the more important. However, waiting for the kettle to boil when we’re busy working not only interrupts work flow, it also reduces our ability to work efficiently and repeatedly boiling a kettle is time-consuming, costs money and wastes electricity.

Whether you require a hot drinking water supply for a small, medium or large staff contingent, you can rely on AquAid. We offer a stylish, high-quality range of hot and cold water dispensers and hot water boilers designed to ably meet your organisation’s drinking water capacity demands, all while saving you time, money and energy.

One example is the AquAid Eco Compact Water Boiler. Designed specifically to fit in-between the standard distance between worktops and kitchen units, this well-designed water boiler produces a rapid 5ℓ draw off – providing sufficient piping hot water to fill 20 mugs in in one draw.

If the demand requires an even larger hot water draw, then the AquAid Eco LargeFlow is the perfect option. With its 10ℓ rapid draw off and ability to produce 30ℓ piping hot water per hour, this UK designed and made water boiler is perfect for installation in any medium to large sized workspace with a larger staff contingent.

Each of the AquAid Eco range also features a built-in ECO mode that reduces electricity consumption, thereby saving money and helping the environment.

These Eco Boilers are but two of AquAid’s range of cost-saving, efficient, reduced electricity usage hot water dispensers. For more of the hot water range, browse our range or send us your enquiry online. Alternatively, please call us on 0800 772 3003 or e-mail: