Unfortunately, drinking and replenishing our water usually isn’t a priority – from the moment we arrive in the office and even less throughout the working day – often until well after leaving work.

There are a number of reasons for this:

Your focus is on your work. Organising. Deadlines. Problem solving. Schedules. Meetings.

Your industry requires 100% of your attention throughout the working day. Whether your job spec requires precision work, attention to detail or constant interaction with customers, colleagues or other divisions.

There isn’t enough time in the day. Despite even the best organisational skills, this is a common complaint for those in the workplace.

In a study conducted by the Natural Source Waters Association (previously named the Natural Hydration Council) of 300 UK General Practitioners found that “one in five GP consultations were down to tiredness and fatigue and one in ten of those were thought to be linked to dehydration.”

It’s no surprise then that possibly the last thought that occurs is providing your body and mind with the very fuel which helps you function effectively while at the office and throughout the working day.

However, there is a rather simple solution available:

Install an AquAid water cooler at your premises.

Keep a water glass on your desk or carry a water bottle on your person if you are always on the move.

Get into a routine where you take short breaks throughout the day: take a breather, stretch your legs and circuit past your water cooler station to replenish your water.