Are we getting a little ahead of ourselves? Of course we are. Why? Because we can.

If you’re wondering what we’re referring to, we’re talking about March 1st being the first day of spring. March first isn’t actually the first day of spring, that’s on 20 March. However, most meteorologists recognize March 1 as the first day of meteorological spring. With a nod of approval from such auspicious quarters, we’re going with it.

The icy grip of winter seemed so recent when lo and behold, the crocuses peeked their beautiful heads out of the soil and officially announced it’s spring.

Whatever way we approach this change of season, keeping fit and perhaps shedding some of our bear type hibernation weight becomes somewhat of a priority. This means (hopefully), that one’s water intake will increase too. To make your water intake more fab and fun, try a different approach to ensure good hydration habits

If drinking water all day is what bores you, try treating it as a meal or, better yet, three meals. Drink water to a comfortable fullness 3 times a day. On colder days, it might be less, on warmer days, more. Comfortable fullness should be enough to stay hydrated. This will lower the amount of calories you eat for roughly an hour afterward. 

Simply change the way you drink water – out of a glass instead of a bottle, for example. Alternatively, drink it at a different temperature. If you change the temperature, you can change the experience and that can be enough to alter your water intake. Remember, cold water takes longer to drink. If you want to down it faster – to get your water intake over with – drink it at room temperature instead of icy cold.

Whether commuting, exercising, being sedentary, working, relaxing or socialising – in fact, pretty much every -ing, keep hydrated this spring – it can only be good for you.

Remember also to speak to us at AquAid for all your water requirements (we have something for all seasons). We offer a range of water dispensers: high volume watercoolers for children and staff at schools as well as a range of low, medium and high volume mainsfed or bottlefed watercoolers for use on building sites, at events and in warehouses, workspaces and offices nationwide.