Last week we introduced the High Capacity Point of Use (POU) Water Cooler.

Before we get into today’s introduction, a note; I call them the ‘big boys’, not because of any gender preference, but somehow introducing these water cooler marvels as ‘the big girls’ just doesn’t ring true.  I’m as fair as fair can be when it comes to assigning objects with gender (the French have absolutely no problem with gender assignation, le livre, la bicyclette), hey, my car is a boy – Newt he’s called.

Anyhow, it’s decided.  Here is another of the ‘big boys’.

The AquAid 400 Free standing Mains Fed Water Cooler is a premium water cooler that combines style with outstanding performance.

This POU Cooler comes with a new Flood Guard, flood prevention device and it has Hygiene Guard anti-microbial taps fitted as a standard.

Spring quality water from your point of user water cooler

AquAid’s 400 Water Cooler connects to your mains supply and uses a unique, high quality Doulton water filtration system to deliver water that’s as refreshing and pure as water from bottle fed water coolers.

Freestanding Point of Use water cooler features: ­

   1) 1 annual invoice, eliminating the administration involved with some bottled-water suppliers
   2) No more running out of water
   3) No more need to store big water bottles
   4) High quality ‘Doulton’ water filtration system
   5) Available as either Hot and Cold or Cold and Room Temperature
   6) High quality stainless steel tank
   7) Adjustable thermostat for accurate temperature control­
   8) Noiseless circuit in compact design
   9) Flood Guard, flood prevention device
   10) Hygiene Guard anti-microbial taps fitted as a standard.
  11) Push-button taps for ultimate hygiene and convenience

Not only do AquAid have more distribution centres than you can shake a stick at, your local branch is usually managed and staffed by whizzes who really know their water coolers and whether a big boy or a bottle fed *WAH-WAAAH* is the way to go. We do have a lot more options, just by the by.  I’ll be introducing you to the entire water cooler family in the next few weeks.

Patience dear reader, patience.

Ridiculous that, me asking for patience when I have zip, zero, none, but hey, it’s my blog.