It’s a very important week in water this week, with the World Water Week summit taking place in Stockholm from 27 August to 02 September.

Participants from around the world will gather to convene events about water and development issues. It is also an opportunity for individuals from around the globe also present their findings at the scientific workshops.

The theme for this year’s summit is ‘Water for Sustainable Growth’.

Having recently returned from a visit to Ethiopia with Christian Aid, a charity that AquAid have partnered with since the company’s start in 1998; and having witnessed first-hand the vital need for water provision throughout the country, I can only concur that water provision to those that need it isn’t enough (although it’s a fantastic start!) – in order to make a difference in the long term – sustainable water provision is essential.

So, what can you do?

You can choose a water provider whose core belief is making a difference in other people’s lives. How so, you may ask? Well, simply put, AquAid have, from the start, donated to charities whose focus is on sustainable water provision. This means that for each bottle of water or water cooler purchase, a donation is made to these charities.

What do we do?

Of course, we’re a business and we operate on business principles. How we’re a little different is that a core business principle is to contribute to charities that make a difference. This is achieved through long standing relationships with charities such as Christian Aid and the AquAid founded Africa Trust.

Since our partnerships with these two charities began, AquAid have donated over £10 million to charity and more than 5 million people in more than 7 countries now have access to a better water source and a more sustainable ‘water’ future.