Philanthropy: AquAid, Christian Aid & The Africa Trust

Philanthropy: AquAid, Christian Aid & The Africa Trust

As of April this year, AquAid has donated over £20 million to charity. This staggering amount is a culmination of charitable donations which began in 1998. This includes over £2.8 million donated to Pump Aid, which enabled half a million people to gain access to sustainable supplies of clean productive water and decent sanitation in Africa. This work was continued by The Africa Trust, which was founded by the Chief Executive of Pump Aid, together with Paul Searle, who was the founder and majority shareholder of AquAid.

To date, more than three million people use Elephant Pumps [pictured above middle] installed by The Africa Trust, largely as a result of over £10.2 million donated by AquAid.  In addition, these funds have paid for entrepreneurial training [pictured above left] and loans, which have helped over 40,000 people to set up small businesses and support their families. With legacy projects in Liberia, Kenya and Uganda and ongoing major programmes in Zimbabwe and Malawi, The Africa Trust is using funding from AquAid to provide sustainable solutions to poverty for millions.

Ian Thorpe, Chief Executive of The Africa Trust said, “AquAid has achieved growth while incorporating an extraordinary level of charitable donations into their business model.  Customers drinking pure chilled water from AquAid water coolers in the UK directly enable people to gain access to life saving clean water in Africa. The ongoing funding is helping to lift literally millions of people out of extreme poverty in a sustainable way. Many congratulations on reaching this £20 million milestone!”

AquAid donations of over £3.8 million to Christian Aid have funded water and capacity building projects in Ethiopia and Malawi, improving the lives of 370,000 individuals. The Malonda Project stands out for its provision of affordable loans and business training to entrepreneurs and pigeon pea farmers [pictured above right] in Malawi. The results are impressive: a perfect 100% loan repayment rate and household incomes increased. Inspired by the success of the Malonda Project, AquAid, The Africa Trust and Christian Aid decided to launch the £1,000,000 Rural Entrepreneurship Assistance Project (REAP). It aims to lift 5,250 households in Malawi out of extreme poverty by 2025.

Director of Fundraising, Nick Georgiadis said, “Christian Aid believes that poverty eradication requires innovative partnerships including with the private sector. Socially conscious business has a critical role to play in building a just and sustainable future for people and the planet. We are thrilled that AquAid embodies such a positive social purpose, we could not be happier to celebrate this important milestone with them. We extend profound gratitude to AquAid for their unwavering support”.


AquAid celebrates the International Day of Charity

AquAid celebrates the International Day of Charity

Today is the International Day of Charity. As an organisation, AquAid, with our focus on giving back since our inception in 1998, acknowledging this day is immensely significant.

For over twenty-two years, AquAid has donated a portion of revenue to charities, predominantly to both Christian Aid and The Africa Trust.

Founded in 1941, the mission of Christian Aid is to eradicate the causes of poverty, striving to achieve equality, dignity and freedom for all, regardless of faith or nationality. AquAid have supported Christian Aid for more than twenty years, donating over £3.7 million to water and capacity building projects around the world.

Since its formation in 2010, The Africa Trust has worked tirelessly to create sustainable solutions that include establishing supplies of clean, productive drinking water and decent sanitation to thousands of communities in water scarce regions across Africa. Wealth creation is another important objective, with business skills training helping school leavers and villagers to start or expand profitable businesses.

This year’s International Day of Charity resonates even more so with all of us at AquAid as the company has recently reached donations exceeding £19 million. This amount has enabled us to provide life-changing assistance to more than 3 million people around the globe and predominantly throughout Africa.

We would like to dedicate this achievement to Paul Searle, AquAid’s Founder, Managing Director and Chairman, whose faith and unquenchable spirit was the driving force that kept AquAid growing and expanding for over two decades, all while never losing sight of the importance of contributing to charity.

Should you too wish to partner with AquAid in this continuing commitment to charity while keeping your organisation hydrated, please contact us – we will be happy to assist.

AquAid Tyne & Wear Attains Charitable Donations Milestone

AquAid Tyne & Wear Attains Charitable Donations Milestone

By Fern Shaw

AquAid Tyne & Wear, operating since 2002, this year celebrates twenty years in the provision of an extensive range of innovative and high-quality water coolers and dispensers, along with a total commitment to offering superior services to their 2,000 customers.

Reaching this 20-year anniversary holds more than one reason for celebration though – it also marks an incredible achievement with the branch donating just under £500,000 to the charities AquAid have supported since our inception in 1998.

In view of this remarkable achievement, we spoke to Gordon and Emir Dobson, who own and operate AquAid Tyne & Wear and asked for their comment.

“We are absolutely delighted that our donations have reached this level: these small contributions we know have made a big difference to those who need it.

Here’s to the next £500,000!” ~ Emir Dobson, Owner Director – AquAid Tyne & Wear

Extracts below are from a letter to Emir and Gordon written by Ian Thorpe, CEO of The Africa Trust, in recognition of this milestone.

“Many congratulations as you approach your twentieth anniversary for the Tyne and Wear franchise of AquAid. I was astonished to learn that your franchise alone has raised such an extraordinary amount of money for charity during the last two decades. With a current donation figure of £487,915 I have no doubt that during your anniversary year, you will achieve the tremendous milestone of over half a million pounds raised.

Thank you for the part you and your colleagues at AquAid Tyne &Wear are playing in lifting people out of poverty to live healthier and more productive lives.

You have also raised over £240k for Christian Aid, and during the last three years alone, 3,321 people in Malawi have received entrepreneurial training (at a cost of £12 each) and assistance to start small businesses.“ ~ Ian Thorpe, Chief Executive – The Africa Trust

Should you too like to play a part in this phenomenal, philanthropic movement simply by keeping yourself and your company, organisation or school hydrated, contact AquAid today.

AquAid and the Corporate Social Responsibility Dynamic Customer Partnerships make a tangible, visible difference

AquAid and the Corporate Social Responsibility Dynamic Customer Partnerships make a tangible, visible difference

Corporate Social Responsibility demonstrates the ‘heart’ of your organisation. It involves understanding your impact on communities and the environment and taking responsibility in meeting or even exceeding the ethical, legal, commercial and public expectations that society has of your business.

AquAid as a company are committed to acting responsibly and most importantly motivating others to make a difference. Sharing the responsibility in the world in which we all operate should be an integral part of your working day. We believe that making a difference is complementary to a commercial success.

An important part of AquAid’s mission is to provide sustainable solutions to poverty and aid in emergency relief where needed. We are able to achieve this via our partnerships with both the AquAid founded Africa Trust as well as through our now 22 year partnership with Christian Aid – and so can you!

By using AquAid as your water cooler supplier you help to bring a positive change and upliftment to many of the world’s neediest families. You will be sharing in the responsibility we have taken on in bringing safe, fresh disease-free water to thousands of communities in need globally, with our focus being across Africa.

When you choose AquAid you will not only be getting a good quality product with an unrivalled service, you will playing an integral part  in bringing hope where it is needed most and aid in breaking the cycle of poverty.

AquAid’s Founder, Paul Searle, explains,“The sign of a great partnership is where business, charity and community all work together.”

By involving your employees in this partnership you will not only be inspiring them but also offering a sense of belonging in your organisation. You will be providing your staff with not only a healthy working environment but creating a sense of employee satisfaction and loyalty. Working next to each other creates responsibility and you will be actively developing a policy that promotes a positive and sustainable social contribution. Your CSR decisions will also give your organisation a competitive edge and enhance your credibility.

The simple choice of your water cooler can go a very long way in aiding your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility. By simply switching to AquAid you will be doing your part in changing lives forever.

To date, with the help of our partners, AquAid have donated in excess of £15,000,000 benefitting many thousands of families and communities throughout Africa.

Drink water and pay it forward this summer

Drink water and pay it forward this summer

As the temperatures soar throughout the UK, so does the demand for chilled, refreshing drinking water.

At AquAid, where we’ve been in the business of providing a range of high quality water coolers and water both spring and bottled at source for over 20 years, we understand this more than most. That’s why it’s important to us to be able to ensure that we’re able to offer the very best in both water dispensers and bottled water.

But we’re not just about the provision on water coolers – we also firmly believe that providing water to those that may not necessarily have access to water as we do – is absolutely vital.

If we struggle with keeping hydrated in this heat, take a minute and imagine what it would be like experiencing hot weather but not having access, not only to drinking water, but any water, at all. Sadly, this is a reality for millions of people across the globe, and in particular, in many Third World countries.

Then, to this rather scary scenario, add this: If you want drinking water, you need to walk to find it. And not just down to the corner caf, but a few miles.  If you’re lucky enough to find a water source, you can’t just buy a bottle of water (or any liquid for that matter); you have to fill the bucket that you brought with you and walk back home, carrying the now full bucket.

Not enough Bear Grylls for you? The water that you’ve just fetched is most likely not fresh, not clean and may be so full of bacteria, that even while trying to hydrate yourself, you may very well be making yourself ill without even realising it.

Remember, this is just water for you (and possibly, members of your family) to drink. This is not water that is needed to wash your clothes or your dishes or to water your meagre produce crop with. This is just water to drink to keep you going. This is basic human survival type of stuff.

This is the day to day existence for many communities throughout the Third World and in the summer months, lack of potable water is amplified by the heat.

That’s just one of the reasons, since our rather humble beginnings in 1998, that we chose to work with sustainable charities like the Africa Trust and Christian Aid. Using donations from AquAid, both charities work tirelessly implementing sustainable water projects for communities in need.

So, although we’re always tooting our own horn about being one of the top water cooler providers in the U.K. we also (truly) believe in helping others less fortunate to help themselves. So, while we have you to thank, most valued customer, for your support and through your purchases making it possible for others to help themselves; isn’t it rather nice to know that when you’re sipping cool spring water from one of our water coolers, there’s another water well or water project being installed in Africa, bringing fresh, clean drinking water to yet another community in need?

I think so. Good on yer. Toot toot!

AquAid and Christian Aid – 2016 update

AquAid and Christian Aid – 2016 update

The donation figures from AquAid to Christian Aid over the last two years were very encouraging, with £107,093 being donated in 2015 and £111,132 donated in 2016, meaning an additional £4,039 donated last year.

Christian Aid’s focus for the next three years will be on two specific projects in Malawi and Ethiopia. With AquAid’s trip to Ethiopia last year already documented, in this issue we highlight Christian Aid’s projects in Malawi.

Malawi is among the world’s most densely populated and least developed countries. Around 55 per cent of people live on less than US$1 a day. Ninety percent of the Malawi population in rural areas are smallholder farmers.

Small-scale farmers in the Salima District are facing a crisis. Despite being a lakeshore district, communities face a shortage of portable water and prevalence of water borne diseases is high. Farmers struggle to make a living in feeding their children and paying for basics such as soap and school uniforms.

Using donations from AquAid, Christian Aid are supporting farmers to enhance their resilience to the impacts of climate change by provision of water for irrigation and household use; implementing conservation agriculture technologies, diversifying crops to include those that are moisture stress tolerant.

Steps have been initiated to improve production at two state of the art irrigation schemes powered by solar energy.

With AquAid’s support, Christian Aid is continuing with supporting communities in Malawi so that more people can benefit from clean and safe drinking water.

Please contact AquAid should you like to find out more about how becoming an AquAid customer translates into ensuring sustainable water provision to those that need it most.