It’s easy to see why the 21st Century water dispenser is one of AquAid’s most popular Mains-Fed water dispensers.

The AquAid 21st Century Water Dispenser is the largest capacity machine on the market. This water dispenser, which is plumbed into your mains supply, uses a special 11ℓ cold water reservoir which is almost 4 times larger than the tanks in other Mains Fed dispensers.

This machine is a real work horse and is well suited for installation in areas where there is a very high usage or where people constantly refill their water bottles.

The AquAid 21st Century offers an option of anti-bacterial taps which are specifically for use in high usage areas. These silver impregnated taps are excellent for killing bacteria, reducing the likelihood of cross contamination.

Due to its large water capacity this Mains-Fed Water Dispenser is only available as a floor standing model.

The 21st Century is best suited for installation in high usage areas such as Large Companies; Medical Facilities; Universities, Colleges and Schools.

Servicing and sanitising your 21st Century High Capacity Cooler

Not only do we provide top quality water coolers like the 21st Century, we also install and service the machines for you.  All of our machines are installed by our EDWCA accredited service technicians and as per the EDWCA guidelines; we sanitise all mains-fed water dispensers every 6 months.

For all your water and water cooler requirements, contact us at AquAid today. With over 20 years of experience and more than 22 branches nationwide, we’re perfectly positioned to provide you with the right water dispenser to meet your drinking water requirements.

Corporate Social Responsibility and your AquAid water dispenser

Installing an AquAid 21st Century Mains Fed Water Dispenser benefits not only you and your staff, by supplying you with drinking water at a push of a button, but also those in need on other continents.

Should you install four Mains Fed plumbed-in water dispensers, a water well, bearing your organisation’s name, will be built in Africa on your behalf.

However, be assured that If you don’t take 4 plumbed-in units, we will still donate a portion of the revenue from our sales to the charities that we support.