As of April this year, AquAid has donated over £20 million to charity. This staggering amount is a culmination of charitable donations which began in 1998. This includes over £2.8 million donated to Pump Aid, which enabled half a million people to gain access to sustainable supplies of clean productive water and decent sanitation in Africa. This work was continued by The Africa Trust, which was founded by the Chief Executive of Pump Aid, together with Paul Searle, who was the founder and majority shareholder of AquAid.

To date, more than three million people use Elephant Pumps [pictured above middle] installed by The Africa Trust, largely as a result of over £10.2 million donated by AquAid.  In addition, these funds have paid for entrepreneurial training [pictured above left] and loans, which have helped over 40,000 people to set up small businesses and support their families. With legacy projects in Liberia, Kenya and Uganda and ongoing major programmes in Zimbabwe and Malawi, The Africa Trust is using funding from AquAid to provide sustainable solutions to poverty for millions.

Ian Thorpe, Chief Executive of The Africa Trust said, “AquAid has achieved growth while incorporating an extraordinary level of charitable donations into their business model.  Customers drinking pure chilled water from AquAid water coolers in the UK directly enable people to gain access to life saving clean water in Africa. The ongoing funding is helping to lift literally millions of people out of extreme poverty in a sustainable way. Many congratulations on reaching this £20 million milestone!”

AquAid donations of over £3.8 million to Christian Aid have funded water and capacity building projects in Ethiopia and Malawi, improving the lives of 370,000 individuals. The Malonda Project stands out for its provision of affordable loans and business training to entrepreneurs and pigeon pea farmers [pictured above right] in Malawi. The results are impressive: a perfect 100% loan repayment rate and household incomes increased. Inspired by the success of the Malonda Project, AquAid, The Africa Trust and Christian Aid decided to launch the £1,000,000 Rural Entrepreneurship Assistance Project (REAP). It aims to lift 5,250 households in Malawi out of extreme poverty by 2025.

Director of Fundraising, Nick Georgiadis said, “Christian Aid believes that poverty eradication requires innovative partnerships including with the private sector. Socially conscious business has a critical role to play in building a just and sustainable future for people and the planet. We are thrilled that AquAid embodies such a positive social purpose, we could not be happier to celebrate this important milestone with them. We extend profound gratitude to AquAid for their unwavering support”.