Why water?

What makes water so special that we are told from a very young age to drink eight glasses a day? Is it really that important to keep hydrated and to drink enough water every single day?

The simple answer is yes, we do need to drink enough water each day. The reasons for this is that water makes up the biggest component of our entire body.

Water is the life source that keeps our bodies alive as it is essential to every function that our bodies need to perform. Our brains consist of over 80% water and even the slightest reduction of water in our bodies can cause the brain to start slowing down and to start struggling.

Tests have shown that a 2% decrease in body fluids or water can lead to a reduction of brain functionality. This intern leads to coordination and physical problems like fatigue and muscle cramping. It is for that reason that children need to drink more water each day than adults do. A 2% loss of fluids in children is a very small amount and the way most children run around and play it is very easy for them to get to that point of dehydration in no time at all.

Many schools are installing water coolers to ensure that their students and teachers have easy access to fresh, clean, cool and safe drinking water whenever they need it. A well hydrated child will be smarter, healthier and fitter than a child who is not getting enough water each day.

Teachers are encouraging children to keep water bottles with them at all times to ensure that they stay correctly hydrated and healthy.

Other great benefits of drinking enough water for children and adults alike are that it aids our bodies in flushing out unwanted toxins and chemicals stored in our bodies. This leads to better health, better skin and much more longevity.

Selecting the best water cooler and supplier

Selecting the best water cooler and supplier

When you a look at all the information and data that is available on the advantages of keeping your family, students or staff members correctly hydrated, you will soon realise the importance of selecting a water cooler that will be able to service all your needs.

The most important factor to consider when purchasing or installing a water cooler into your building is the quality of the service that your water supplier will provide you with. Water cooler and supply companies that have depots spread across the UK are more likely to ensure you will always get the service that you need in a fraction of the time. Ensure the supplier you choose has a large selection of water coolers so you can be sure to find one that is suited to your building and usage.

Schools and businesses are some of the fastest growing industry for water coolers as the great benefits of water is vital for learning students and business staff alike.

AquAid has a range of mains fed water coolers that they can install for you in no time. These water coolers are perfect for high traffic areas where a large quantity of water is consumed on a daily basis. The mains fed water coolers from AquAid will filter and clean your tap water to ensure that it is safe and at the same time it can cool or heat the water for you. For many companies and schools the quality of their drinking water is very important, and for that reason they use the bottled water from AquAid. Their water is naturally filtered and comes from the earth with no added chemicals or substances. These water bottles can be replaced when needed and with all the AquAid agents across the country you can rest assured that you will be able to get a replacement bottle of clean fresh water in less than 24 hours.

Water coolers in schools

Have you ever stopped to consider what your child is drinking when you are not around? Bear in mind that the majority of a child’s day is spent at school in the care of others. Another fact to consider is that dehydration is serious for all of us, but no more so than to our children. When a child is dehydrated they have already lost 20% of their ability to perform both physically and mentally.

We at AquAid recognized the importance of drinking water at school and for these reasons have to date become one of the leading water cooler and drinking water suppliers to schools around the UK.

An experiment in ‘brain hydration’ carried out at an Edinburgh primary school showed that the introduction of water bottles on pupils’ desks led to a significant improvement in national test results over a 2 year period. Despite these important facts, two-thirds of children are still not getting enough drinking water, and a 5th of children drink no water at all, according to research conducted by the Department of Health and Food Standards Agency.­

It is vital that from a young age a child is encourage to incorporate water into their drinking patterns and to prevent themselves from becoming thirsty and hence dehydrated. We not only encourage schools to invest in water coolers for the children, but we supply mini reusable bottles that a child can fill with water and leave on their desk, therefore encouraging them to sip water continually during the day. A direct result of this will be seen in the child’s academic performance and higher levels of concentration.

Water coolers in school

With the summer on its way, the need for children to keep properly hydrated is again being highlighted. The summer season brings with it many outdoor activities and children are often spending hours outside without any water breaks. It is for this reason that many schools are installing water coolers into their facilities. These water coolers are the perfect solution to helping children not only stay hydrated, but also to aid them in developing correctly. For children between the age of 11 and 14 they need to consume more water per day than an adult. Boys in that age group need to drink about 3.2L each day, while girls in that age group need on average 2.8L.

Water is one of the most important cornerstones of a healthy growing child as it aids in cell generation, nutrient transfer and mental ability. Tests have proven that a child that is correctly hydrated will have far better mental and physical results than a thirsty child. These tests are the reason that some schools are now encouraging their learners to carry small water bottles with them with water. These water bottles are filled on regular intervals between classes and during breaks. Teachers are encouraging their learners to drink more and the results are brilliant.

Companies like AquAid have a wide selection of water coolers that are installed into schools, gyms and learning centres across the country. Their water coolers can either be mains fed for large schools where the water consumption is high, or for schools where there are no water mains close to a particular area bottled water coolers can be installed and replaced on scheduled intervals.

Another major factor why children should drink more water is that it aids in reducing obesity and other related health problems. Children often mistake thirst with hunger, and many parents don’t know the signs either, giving their children more food each day than they need. By simply having a glass, or bottle of water first children will eat less unnecessary food each day.  This health benefit alone is reason enough to insist that your child’s school places more focus in child hydration at their school.