1. Eco-Friendly

By using a water cooler dispenser, you are helping to protect our environment. We use billions of individual plastic water bottles each year and millions end up in our rubbish each day. By drinking water from a reusable water bottle and refilling our water bottles with a water cooler, we can significantly reduce this number. This means that you can still enjoy the convenience of having water with you at all times and be safe in the knowledge that you are lessening the harmful impact on the environment.

  1. Saves money

While the upfront cost of purchasing a water cooler can be a bit more costly initially, over time you can expect to see significant savings. Water coolers offer an economical way to drink more water. Instead of purchasing many disposable water bottles, you can save money by buying large bottles for your dispenser. If you’re using a mains fed water cooler dispenser, you can also expect to see significant savings.

  1. Perfect Temperature

Attractive Appearance
Many water dispensers come with hot and cold water taps. The cold water is perfect for a refreshing glass of water. The hot water tap offers a quick and convenient way to make tea, coffee, soup, hot chocolate or tea. Some units also come with a room temperature water tap for added convenience.

When most of us imagine a water cooler, we only picture a white plastic unit that isn’t the most appealing and won’t complement our kitchen, reception or office areas. Fortunately, this stereotype is no longer true. AquAid’s range of water coolers are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials.  Common finishes include black, white, silver and stainless steel.

  1. Perfect Size

If you’re concerned about where you would put a new water cooler, you don’t need to worry. Water coolers come in several shapes and sizes, so you can choose a unit that’s sure to fit perfectly in your space. Common models include a free-standing water cooler or a desktop (countertop) water cooler. Free-standing units are typically larger and are better suited for use in areas where there is more floor space. In contrast, desktop (countertop) water dispensers are usually more compact and are ideal for use in smaller spaces.

Look out for Part II to read about the other benefits a water cooler brings for you.