AquAid’s high-volume bottle fed and mains fed water coolers are the perfect solution where there is a high demand for a constant supply of fresh drinking water – wherever the location: football grounds; offices; worksites, warehouses; medical rooms; colleges; workshops; hotels; varsities or schools.

Every AquAid Large Capacity Mains Fed Water Dispenser is designed for ease of operation and to run efficiently.

For illustrative purposes, we are looking at the High Capacity Mains-Fed Hydrator Water Cooler, as it has an extra-large reservoir – a point-of-use water dispenser specially designed for serving a large number of people.

With a dispense gap of 230mm, easily accommodating varying sizes of water containers, the Hydrator can dispense up to 40ℓ of chilled water each hour, a sufficient volume to fill 120 x 330ml bottles.

The Hydrator’s sturdy design, developed for use in high usage areas, also boasts Hygiene Guard silver impregnated dispense tap reduces bacteria transfer and a flood guard anti-leak device for added security.

And there you have it, cool drinking water on tap. All the clever little (and large) mechanisms silently operating behind the scenes, all the while ensuring that you – thirsty Thelma or Thaddeus – remain properly hydrated and super productive throughout your working day or night.


Every installation of an AquAid mainsfed water cooler and each bottle of water replenished brings with it donations that are used to build more water wells – referred to as Elephant Pumps – for communities in water scarce regions across sub-Saharan Africa.

So, the next time you press a button and fill your water bottle, mug or glass, think about the fact that not only are you keeping yourself healthy and hydrated but also with that simple push, you will have directly contributed towards:

Another draught of clean drinking water pumped into a bucket or onto a banana plantation that will pay for school fees and;

Another child now has access to safe drinking water, which will help them better concentrate in school and;

Another community with readily available potable, productive water for use every day, for all generations, for many decades.

Rather marvellous, don’t you think?