Maintaining good hydration habits is generally easier when the weather is warm. Oftentimes though, these habits can be difficult when the weather turns cool.

How we combat this trend though is actually easier than we think.

Make drinking water convenient.  Installing a water cooler at your work premises, office, warehouse, medical or educational facility is a sure-fire way to ensure you have constant access to refreshing drinking water.

At AquAid, we offer a no-obligation, free on-site survey to assess what water dispenser needs you have and what combination of hot water boilers, bottle-fed water coolers or mains-fed water coolers best suit your requirements.

App your drinking water. You read that right. Use your mobile as your drink water alarm clock or download one of the many apps designed for just this purpose.

Turn up the temperature. If you’re the type of person that loathes drinking cold water, there is a solution. Warm up your water! If you have an AquAid hot water dispenser or hot water boiler installed, heating your drinking water isn’t even necessary! Just dispense, add your preferred brew or fruit slice and away you go.

Hydration on hand. Whether you have access to a water cooler or boiler or not, an effective reminder is to keep a reusable water bottle or water glass on your desk as well as a tote able water bottle with you when you’re on the move and/or if you rely on public transport. Otherwise, also keep a refillable water bottle in your car/lorry/van.