We’ve given quite a bit of attention to British trivia over the years for good reason. Trivia is interesting, fun, it keeps your brain active and just as important, it provides you with a wealth of interesting knowledge you can impart to your colleagues, workmates, clients and customers whenever you head off to replenish your drinking water at your water cooler station.

In the spirit of keeping with this tradition, here are a few updated trivia titbits for your entertainment.


In 2021, the Smallest House in Britain, located in Conwy, North Wales, also known as Quay House, received a new addition to its living space for the first time in 400 years – a sofa. We don’t like to boast, but we’re sure we could fit one of our tabletop water coolers or Instant Taps in the House.


Mind the gap. The distance between Britain and America is widening by one and a half inches a year as upwelling in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge pushes tectonic plates apart.


Science & Nature

A blue whale can hold up to 5,000kgs of water in its mouth.  As much as select of our range of water coolers have the capability to constantly supply refreshing drinking water to large organisations, we regret we’re not able to provide blue whale water coolers. Also … saltwater.

I think it’s safe to assume that here at AquAid, we like trivia. It may be as we understand the connection between cognitive function and how drinking water keeps one in tiptop trivia retaining knowledge mode – aside from being able to perform better throughout the working day of course – almost as important!

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