With the need to be more environmentally friendly and energy conscious, water boilers offer the ideal solution. Compact, space saving and eco-friendly, they offer the perfect hot water dispense point for every workplace.

Whether you are looking for a more compact wall-mounted water boiler or a larger water boiler for a bigger office, AquAid can meet every requirement.

By not being on the boil for extended periods of time and providing boiling water only when it is needed, water boilers save time, money and natural resources. This provides a considerable decrease in the electricity used to heat your water. Furthermore, with the water being available instantly, there is no need for anyone wanting hot drinking water to have to wait for a kettle to boil, thereby saving a considerable amount of time and energy.

Wall mounted water boilers are a good fit for smaller offices or for large office buildings with multiple kitchens. They are easy to mount and can be positioned out of the way to ensure your canteen or kitchen space is not wasted.

With easy installation and mains fed power, there is no need to rewire the kitchen or installation area to fit a water boiler.

A water boiler is the perfect addition to your office, conference room or kitchen. Offering a wide range of high-quality hot water dispensers, you can rely on our experienced and WHA accredited engineers to provide efficient installation, all backed with AquAid’s proven customer service.

If you are looking for an office hot & chilled water combination, AquAid has the perfect solution for you.

We offer a range of compact and very stylish water dispensers providing all the hot water and/or chilled water needed. These water dispensers are available in a selection of modern, appealing finishes which will look good and fit seamlessly in any boardroom, conference centre or kitchen, giving staff, customers and visitors alike constant access to boiling hot water and cool drinking water, all in an instant.