Water Cooler Wisdom – More Health Hacks Part II – Things to do (or not do)

Water Cooler Wisdom – More Health Hacks Part II – Things to do (or not do)

In April, we provided a list of suggestions to beat lockdown blues and in this instalment, we’re adding to the list.

Now that summer has officially arrived, and with it, the knowledge that getting out into the fresh air definitely promotes a sense of well-being, we present a few more to do (or not do) ideas:

Discover new places on your daily outing. Whether you are on work furlough, are obliged to self-isolate or have opted to work from home, daily exercise is vital. There are scores of walks, trails and routes across the UK, so instead of taking that usual route, why not strike out in a different direction and see where it leads? Remember to carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

Perfecting the cuppa – and repeat.  Using your AquAid cold and hot water dispenser to make your preferred hot drink while at work is a definite plus, however, if you’re still at home, now is the ideal time to make that perfect cup of tea (and repeat).

Try on the early to bed, early to rise maxim. There’s no doubt that here in Britain we are busy, busy, busy, but keeping busy can be somewhat draining, especially if we’re determined to stay awake as late as possible, just in case we miss something. It’s possible that many of us now have extra time on our hands. This doesn’t necessarily mean that those hours need to be crammed with ‘stuff’ to do. Rather opt out, climb into bed earlier and get a good night’s rest. You’ll be amazed at how rejuvenating it is.

Finally, it’s good to remember that wherever you are, if you require a water dispenser, your Bottle-Fed water cooler topped up or bottled water delivery – here at AquAid, we continue to operate responsibly – this includes maintaining social distancing and not requiring our customers to sign for bottled water deliveries.

How to Help Children Hydrate More

How to Help Children Hydrate More

It is no surprise that teaching our children to drink water more may appear a task easier said than done. However, as many adults, parents and teachers know, there is a secret weapon in our arsenal. It stems from a well-known phrase: lead by example. It may seem rather tired and a bit worn out nevertheless, it is true and it is effective.


Children often emulate adult behaviour, especially those adults with whom they have daily interaction. If you as the carer of a child are seen to drink water regularly, it is more probable that a child will be better encouraged to do the same, instead of merely telling the child to drink water without any example shown.


The results from a great deal of research, including a recent study at the University of East London , show that children are better able to concentrate, retain information, take part in activities and are able to better function overall the more hydrated they are.


Uninterrupted access to refreshing spring and filtered water – maintained at a pleasing ambient or chilled temperature – all at the press of a button. With more than 22 branches nationwide, this is easily achieved by installing a water cooler from AquAid.


Healthier and happier children of course. With AquAid, there are added benefits and these are at no additional cost to your school, academy, college or university.

For each Mainsfed Water Dispenser we install, a portion of that revenue is donated to charities. Charities such as Christian Aid the AquAid founded Africa Trust. These donations are utilised to implement clean water resources where they are needed most, like in schools and villages, in countries throughout Africa. At AquAid, we understand that helping others is key component to a healthy and strong organisation as is attested by our collective 30 years of supporting these charities.

If you would like to know more about installing a high-quality Mainsfed or Bottlefed Water Dispenser or Water Fountain, contact us.

The Advantages of the AquAid Bottle-Fed Water Cooler

The Advantages of the AquAid Bottle-Fed Water Cooler

As with all our bottled water products, AquAid provides Bottled Water Coolers and water filtration that ensure you are drinking only the finest fresh water available, drawn from three sources around the United Kingdom.

Our bottled water is pure and filtered to remove any harmful chemicals and bacteria, leaving you feeling healthier and refreshed. Many water-processing plants use dangerous chemicals to purify their water, but AquAid do not. Our water is as clean as nature intended it to be.

Bottled Water Coolers are the perfect solution where portable water or a mains water supply is unavailable.

A Bottle-Fed Water Cooler is ideal for placement in any workplace and for any size of staff contingent. These free-standing coolers are easy to move to a new location within the organisation should this be required.

Another benefit of having a Bottle-Fed water cooler is easy access to a source of proper hydration at all times. Tests have shown that a drop in body fluids can lead to poor mental and physical performance of up to 30%. Having access to fresh water and being able to replenish your water throughout the day will ensure that you are never thirsty, and that you are always able to perform at your best.

There is a reduced environmental impact. Our water bottles are collected, thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and re-used multiple times. Once spent, they are granulated and re-cycled in an ecologically friendly manner.

As we have branches throughout the United Kingdom, our bottled water delivery is quick and efficient.  We also offer an urgent water replenishment service.

Installing a Bottled Water Dispenser from AquAid not only means a healthier and hydrated you, but also the opportunity of the delivery of life-changing safe water for those in need. For each bottle of water supplied, a donation is made to the charities that AquAid have supported for more than 20 years. These donations are at no additional cost to our customers.

No matter what sort of water cooler you are looking for, at AquAid we have the perfect solution for you. Have a look at our easy-to-navigate website for the full range of water coolers that we offer for your convenience and continued health and hydration.

Water Coolers on demand

Water Coolers on demand

AquAid has been in the business of providing water coolers for near on two decades. This means we have a wealth of experience in fulfilling your water and water cooler requirements, ranging from:

AquAid provide water coolers and services to more than 30 000 customers throughout England, Ireland and Scotland.

We continue to ensure the provision of the correct water cooler solutions to our customers, coupled with services that include;

Fortnightly delivery plus our exclusive emergency next day delivery, free of charge;

Ongoing water cooler maintenance by AquAid trained and experienced engineers;

Keeping your AquAid local and in doing so, keeping it ‘green’.

There are 29 AquAid depots across the length and breadth of the UK. This means a smaller carbon footprint in the delivery of our water coolers, bottled water deliveries and your water cooler maintenance.

If you’d like more information on AquAid Water Coolers, our range of products and services that we offer, please either contact us here or telephone us on 0800 772 3003 – we be delighted to assist you.



‘You Can Lead a Horse to Water …’ and other such expressions

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.’ Have you ever wondered who comes up with such expressions or idioms? I often do.

Keeping matters pet friendly (aha aha) and water related (because that’s what we’re about – us here at AquAid, dont’chya know) you’ll find quite a few animal / watery idioms around. My task was to establish whether they are all true or where they originated from.

The horse/water idiom might possibly encapsulate the English-speaking people’s mind-set better than any other saying, as it appears to be the oldest English proverb that is still in regular use today. It was recorded as early as 1175 in Old English Homilies:

Hwa is thet mei thet hors wettrien the him self nule drinken
[who can give water to the horse that will not drink of its own accord?]

What’s even more interesting is that this particular proverb or idiom also applies to dogs. Dogs, you ask? Yes, dogs, I reply. It wasn’t until recently that I found out that dogs don’t sweat. They can pant or drink water to cool themselves down but they can’t do both at the same time and even if they’re too hot and you offer them water, they often won’t drink it – ergo you can also lead dogs to water but you can’t make them drink. I haven’t tried this out with cats, but then, they’re cats. Rather don’t go there.

I’m aware that this expression has another meaning, actually pointing at human behaviour, but I quite enjoy the literal sense too.

A fish out of water – Not feeling at home where you are. Okay, that one’s easy.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath waterWhen you’re making a change, save what matters to you and dispose of the rest. Pretty self-explanatory, but were you aware that there’s a bit of bun fight about the literal meaning of this idiom? Apparently, there’s an e-mail doing the rounds about proverbs in the 1500’s and this one meant that as an entire household bathed in the same water, the water would get so murky that it was entirely possible the baby went out with the bathwater. Not true of course.

To drown in a glass of waterTo be easily discouraged. I honestly hadn’t heard of this one before. I will suggest though that you don’t take this literally when refilling your glass at the water cooler. Your co-workers may get the wrong idea and label you a bit of a twit.

Blood is thicker than waterFamily is more important than anyone or anything else. This idiom has always creeped me out slightly. Still not sure why. Perhaps it comes from watching too many vampire movies?

To pound water in a mortarMaking vain attempts. This I can identify with, except mine involved making a well in flour and pouring water in to make pizza bases. The dam broke, the water flowed out and I was left cleaning up sticky, yeasty, wet flour from every available kitchen surface. Thank you, recipe from Jamie Oliver, not.