AquAid supply Water Dispensers for Workplace Bubbles

AquAid supply Water Dispensers for Workplace Bubbles

As we look across all industries requiring water coolers, thereby ensuring a constant supply of refreshing drinking water, be that chilled or hot water for our favourite hot drinks, remember AquAid Water Coolers.

We remain open and operational, working hard to continue to ensure that we provide each customer with whatever drinking water requirements they have. For added peace-of-mind, please read our Covid-19 Risk Assessment statement.

As we supply water coolers throughout the UK, to a wide range of industries, we understand how vital it is that these organisations remain open. Which is why we have made sure we are able to offer additional hygienic solutions so customers can safely dispense drinking water, whatever their business and wherever their location.

We have recently introduced Touch-Free water coolers and hot water boilers, which are perfect for placement in created work bubbles. We also supply a non-touch tap which fits easily onto the dispense point, thereby ensuring your continued safe access to refreshing drinking water. You can view how this tap operates here:

We invite you to browse the AquAid Water Coolers range and welcome your enquiry via any of our easy contact channels:

By using the contact form at the AquAid website;

Via e-mail or;

By telephoning our toll free number: 0800 772 3003.

Hydrate Your Way to Health

Hydrate Your Way to Health

The title isn’t just catchy, it’s the literal truth.

More than 90% of Britons experience health issues. What’s worth noting is that many of these health issues can be resolved by simply drinking water more as it may well be that dehydration is the cause.

If you are feeling unwell and are displaying the following symptoms, you may be dehydrated:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry skin 
  • Feeling tired 
  • Irritability 
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Feeling faint/dizzy 
  • Headache

Often, these symptoms are a direct result of not drinking enough water. The good news here is that by simply increasing how much water you drink which will rehydrate you, your organs are able to function better and not expend further energy sending you signals that they need water.

Remember though, if you are drinking enough water and are hydrating properly – check the easy reference chart at the AquAid website – and you’re still feeling unwell, there may be another cause, so you may want to chat to your health professional.

Of course, as here at AquAid Water Coolers our focus is all about the supply of refreshing bottled-at-source water through our Bottled Water Dispensers and filtered water via our Mains Water Coolers, we’re well aware of the links between hydration and health.  Moreover, by offering a wide range of high quality water dispensers suited for installation in whatever size organisation you may have, we are also able to assist with the provision of safe water resources to thousands of communities who currently do not have access to clean drinking water.

Contact us to find out more.

Drinking Water: Hydration Tips for Autumn

Drinking Water: Hydration Tips for Autumn

Here in the UK, we’re well into autumn, and with winter beckoning from not too afar, it’s not surprising that we automatically adjust our drinking water frequency, usually to much lower levels.

While understandable, it’s a little unwise. These organ – water percentages illustrate how vital it is to maintain good drinking water habits, irrespective of what season we’re in.

  • Skin is 64% water.
  • Your brain and heart is 73% water.
  • Our blood plasma is 90% water.
  • Your lungs are 83% water.
  • Your muscles and kidneys are 79% water.

Adverse effects from not drinking enough water include digestive, skin, bladder and kidney problems, tiredness and even headaches.

Dehydration usually occurs before we feel thirsty. That’s why it’s important to drink water consistently throughout the day. One of the best methods to kick start your day, especially if you’re not a morning person, is to drink one to two glasses of water right after you wake up. This will increase your blood pressure and help reduce lethargy. From there, always have a bottle or a glass of water handy and make sure to visit your water dispenser, water cooler or hot water boiler regularly.

If your preference in cooler weather is to drink hot water drinks, that’s great. It’s wise to keep in mind that if you are drinking sugared hot drinks, your body uses a large amount of water to filter all the sugar from your system.  If you must have plentiful cups of say, coffee – try to match each coffee with a glass of water and at the very least, cut out the sugar.

Drinking water regularly also speeds up your metabolism and makes you feel more ‘full’. This can be very beneficial to your overall ‘cold weather’ health where the inclination is to eat more and exercise less. Drink

Water Cooler Wonder – Remember, remember, the fifth of November

Water Cooler Wonder – Remember, remember, the fifth of November

With unprecedented events overtaking the manner in which we observe the UK’s annual traditions, we have had to adapt our methods of gathering and celebration.

Take Bonfire Night. As it’s unlikely there will be any fireworks displays or bonfire parties, this year’s Guy Fawkes may seem like it will be a bit of a damp squib. Perhaps not though. Perhaps it’s just a matter of adjusting our attitude. As we’ve learned over the years, unregulated fireworks displays and bonfires have caused untold damage not only to humans, but to animals and the environment too.

If you still intend to celebrate with (not so) wild abandon this 5th November, here are a few helpful guidelines to ensure you’re being kind to the environment (and yourself too, as you’re part of your environment):

According to the Environment Agency, it’s unsafe to burn old furniture, mattresses or even household rubbish. Treated wood, tyres, plastics, rubber and oil can seriously harm health and pollute the environment. Rather burn untreated wood or common garden refuse.*

If you are building a bonfire, it’s advisable to build your bonfire on the day. As their natural habitats dwindle, small mammals like moles and voles move into urban areas. According to Green Impact Sheffield, “garden log piles are hog heaven, providing crucial shelter and food at a time when they’re preparing for hibernation.”

Although eco-friendly fireworks are expensive and hard to come by, a few alternatives will minimise harming the environment. “Generally, white coloured fireworks will have fewer harmful chemicals than the most colourful versions and if you use more of the ground-based ones, like Catherine wheels, there’s less chance of having debris that you can’t find and dispose of safely,” explains energy company Ecotricity.

A last word – always having water on hand when there’s a bonfire is common sense. We would urge you though, if your water cooler were at your workspace, whether that’s at the office or home office, you don’t lug out the water cooler or bottled water to douse the flames. That’s your drinking water, see!

*extracts from an article at The Independent

AquAid’s Hot & Chilled Water Dispensers, Water Boilers and Instant Taps – Giving You More

AquAid’s Hot & Chilled Water Dispensers, Water Boilers and Instant Taps – Giving You More

Recently on social media, we posted about how the demand for drinking water changes depending on the seasons.

With this top of mind, we thought to increase awareness about the wide range of water dispensers AquAid supply, thereby meeting all drinking water needs and requirements.

Aside from the recent introduction of our range of Touch-Free water dispensers that offer even more hygienic safety features, AquAid also offer a wide selection of high quality hot & chilled water dispensers, hot water boilers and Instant Taps.

Hot & Cold Water Dispensers like the AQ Max Desktop.  This elegant and compact workhorse is the ideal solution if you are short on space but want to enjoy the cost-saving benefits of a plumbed-in water dispenser.

Despite its compact size, this machine is well suited for installation in areas where there is a medium to high demand for chilled & hot drinking water.

AquAid’s range of Hot Water Boilers, such as the Eco LargeFlow, offers the perfect combination of reduced usage costs and energy efficiency whilst delivering a rapid draw of piping hot water and is suited to any medium to large home or office workspace.

A stylish, space saving constant supply of hot drinking water makes the AquAid Instant Tap ideal for installation in (staff) kitchens and breakout areas. With an elegant tap system, that dispenses boiling and ambient water at the touch of a button, with the water boiler unit discreetly installed underneath the worktop, this hot water tap provides a limitless supply of boiling water.

Visit our website to browse our selection.