AquAid and Kidney Research UK – Water for the London Bridges Walk 2013

AquAid and Kidney Research UK – Water for the London Bridges Walk 2013

AquAid is all about water, hydration and water coolers, and most importantly, supporting sustainable charities.

Kidney Research UK is all about funding research aimed at finding better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for kidney disease. They have over £10.1 million invested in research at any one time, awarding grants to doctors, nurses and researchers across the UK. They also campaign for better patient access to renal services and are dedicated to raising awareness of kidney disease.

As AquAid is constantly looking at ways to increase awareness about how important keeping our vital organs hydrated is, we chose to supply this year’s Kidney Research U.K. London Bridges Walk with a rather fabulous bank of bottle fed water coolers – to keep the energetic walkers well hydrated!  This amazing walk covers a route of approximately 7 miles, and takes you over some of London’s most famous bridges.

There were 1 190 people who took part in this year’s event on 14th July 2013 and understandably, with the glorious sunny weather, there was many a thirsty walker whose eyes lit up when they saw the cool drinking water.

The event was a great success and they were joined by celebrities Nina Wadia and Nadia Sawalha, both well known for having starred in the popular soap EastEnders, along with DJ Oliver Scott from Star Radio, Cambridgeshire and fitness instructor Julia McCabe.

Have water, will walk!

Water Coolers Birmingham where Service and Charity abound

Water Coolers Birmingham where Service and Charity abound

As was mentioned in our previous blog, we at AquAid Birmingham maintain great staff retention partly due to our work ethic and partly due to our organisation being staffed by a team of professionals who also care about those other than themselves.

This attitude is spearheaded by Scott Barnbrook, who is the Regional Manager here at AquAid Birmingham.

Scott has just competed in the competition and in doing so, raised in excess of £500 for Birmingham Dog’s Home , further illustrating that it’s not just about fellow man, but man’s best friend too.

AquAid Birmingham believes strongly in optimum service, by ensuring that we effect prompt deliveries. This allows us to maintain multiple key accounts, a few examples being large contracts with many large building sites where they are on lengthy projects building new hospitals and large Tesco’s stores.

AquAid Birmingham’s efficient and knowledgeable account managers and sales team are available for anyone requiring water cooler; water boiler or drinks solutions for their school, organisation or company.

Please feel free to fill out the form below to have one of the team contact you. We’ll be delighted to assist you

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    Water Coolers Birmingham – AquAid Birmingham tooting our horn for life changing causes!

    Water Coolers Birmingham – AquAid Birmingham tooting our horn for life changing causes!

    Inception and operations

    We’ve been in operation for 13 years. An indication of our commitment to what we do shows in our great staff retention:

    • Lindsey Page, our dynamic Office Manager, has been with AquAid for 10 years
    • Joe Farnell, Account Manager extraordinaire, with AquAid for 7 years
    • Pete Dinger, Clive Homer and Paul Unitt have been with us for 5 years

    We have a total staff contingent of 13 people who are dedicated to offering our very extensive customer base, 780 Bottle fed water coolers and 1538 Mains fed water coolers, with unrivaled service and attention.

    Monies raised

    In 2012 AquAid Birmingham raised £43 000 for our hand-picked charities that provide, amongst other sustainable projects, clean drinking water to communities in Third World countries. That translates to enough funds for 4 300 children to have drinking water for life.

    EDWCA Audit

    The EDWCA, European Drinking Water Cooler Association (previously known as the European Point-Of Use Drinking Water Association EPDWA),is an association that was formed to “promote, develop and maintain the highest standards of hygiene, safety and ethics within the European Point-Of-Use Drinking Water industry to the benefit of customers.”

    We are delighted to announce that last year we scored 100% in our EDWCA audits. This means that not only do we adhere to the stringent EDWCA requirements and take pride in our work, but that our valued customers benefit from us meeting and surpassing these standards too.


    How well do you know your water cooler?

    How well do you know your water cooler?

    How do bottle fed coolers and mains fed coolers differ?

    Bottle fed water coolers are free standing units that use a large plastic bottle to deliver water, and can be either bottom or top loaded. Mains fed water coolers hook up to the main water supply and utilise filtration services to provide clean, crisp-tasting water. Both types of water coolers have an on/off switch that controls the cooling and/or heating functions of the dispenser.

    How is the water kept cold?

    In order to chill the water prior to dispensation, water coolers have a reservoir within the dispenser that holds a set amount of water. The reservoir is surrounded by pipes that have a refrigerant (a cooling medium) flowing through them.

    What stops the bottle fed dispenser water from flooding?

    When the bottle of water is inverted and placed into the opening on the top of the water cooler, the seal of the water bottle is severed or punctured by a part referred to as the ‘spike’, allowing the water to flow into the water cooler. Inside the water cooler is a further valve that prevents the water from the bottle flooding the water cooler.

    How are water coolers kept clean?

    Both Bottle Fed and Mains Fed Dispensers are kept clean by being sanitised. Bottle fed machines are sanitised every 3 months. Mains fed are sanitised every 6 months. An ozone generator is used for this purpose.

    What is an ozone generator?

    Ozone (O3) is a gas very similar to normal oxygen (O2), just with an added oxygen molecule. In water the effect of ozone is that it will kill all unwanted bacteria, spores and viruses, leaving the water container and water dispenser clean, clear and safe.

    Where does the water in the coolers originate from?

    In the case of AquAid’s water, from 3 natural springs in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. All the spring water is bottled at source. The water is poured directly into the various sized bottles which are hermetically sealed to lock in the natural purity. And there it remains until it emerges from your water cooler, just as it left the source, cool and pure.

    5 Water cooler essentials

    Having a water cooler in your office or home is fast becoming the norm. For many, the fact that it produces water is good enough, but why not get the most out of your water cooler and ensure that your money spent is money well spent. Here are 5 water cooler essentials that will turn your water cooler into a welcome addition.


    Your water cooler should be seen by all as a reminder to keep hydrated. Ensure that it is in an area that is walked past regularly. The water cooler offers a place for social interaction which allows staff members a respite from sitting at their desks all day long. A quick 3 minute break and a refreshing drink can do wonders to one’s concentration levels and keeps an employee working at an optimal level.


    Water coolers are a convenient way to offer clean filtered water in offices, gyms, homes etc. It is important to keep your water cooler clean and prevent germs and unwanted growths from occurring in these moist environments. Having your machine sanitized on a regular basis by trained professionals is paramount to ensuring that your machine performs at its very best. Keeping you water cooler clean will ensure all those that benefit from it will be free from germs and dangerous bacteria.


    We all love a bit of accessorizing so why not do the same for your water cooler. Liven up your dispenser by attaching optics that holds natural flavours. We are all aware of the benefits of drinking water but some may require encouragement by enhancing the flavour of the water. The water cooler is a great place to put your notice board or advertisements.


    There is no point having a machine that dispensers water but offers no way of drinking it. Make sure you have cups within arm’s reach of your dispenser.


    Having a water cooler with no water is a bit like having champagne without bubbles. Having a reliable supplier that that offers dedicated service means you, as a customer, will stay happy and satisfied at all times.