AquAid Water Coolers – keeping the Construction Industry hydrated for decades

AquAid Water Coolers – keeping the Construction Industry hydrated for decades

Construction companies are part of a specialised industry and as such, so are their requirements.  A crucial part of these requirements is that construction sites adhere to regulations that ensure the health and safety of all on site.

One such requirement is that there is adequate hydration available to the entire workforce on site for the duration of the construction.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) states, in part:

Drinking water

Drinking water must be provided or made available at readily accessible and suitable places.

This is where AquAid rises to the occasion.

AquAid are the premier choice for the provision of water coolers nationwide across the UK.  We are also the preferred supplier to a number of specialised industries, one of these being to the construction industry, as we understand the specific requirements that construction companies, albeit large or small, have.

Incorporated into our water cooler provision to construction companies we offer the following services as a standard:

  • Emergency delivery and collection of water coolers.
  • Next day call-outs for repairs.
  • Educational hydration package for workers, highlighting the importance of remaining hydrated at work to reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Supply of both 240V and 110V water coolers.
  • Dedicated account managers on both a local and national level.

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Water Health & Well-Being – Hydrate the Brain

Water Health & Well-Being – Hydrate the Brain

In our very rushed lives, it would seem the simplest action oftentimes becomes the most difficult.

Take your water intake for example.  Aside from every being alive requiring water to simply survive, let alone flourish, it’s a pretty sad state of affairs in which we often find ourselves. Somehow, on a daily basis, one of the most necessary functions most vital to our well-being is oft ignored.

It’s a foregone conclusion that we require water for each of our body organs to function at an optimum level – from nail growth through to how well our brain operates.

When it comes to brain health, sufficient water intake is essential, especially considering the fact that your grey matter is made up of 75% water.

So how does hydration and dehydration affect brain health?

Our brains consist of billions of neurons that regulate everything from core temperature to perspiration. Because the brain is made up mostly of water, it makes sense that this organ won’t work as efficiently when it is water deficient.

Proper hydration can literally improve mood.  Drinking water makes us feel so refreshed that it actually improves our state of mind.  You don’t even have to be severely in need of it to benefit: even mild dehydration has been shown to negatively affect moods.

On the reverse of that, if your brain is dehydrated, it affects motor and cognitive skills: symptoms including irritability, sluggishness and an inability to think straight. Dehydration also showed a strong link to poor memory. When you’re water deficient, it’s hard to stay focused on a certain task.

Drinking water can combat headaches naturally. Going without water for too long causes headaches for some people, and has been identified as a migraine trigger. The good news is that in a study on the effects of water on headaches, participants experienced ‘total relief’ from their headaches within 30 minutes of drinking water (two cups, on average).

It can be a short cut to keeping alert.  If you need to concentrate for long periods of time, keeping water handy will help you stay refreshed, hydrated, and focused: dehydration can impair your attention span, memory, and motor skills.

Want to think more clearly? Drink water (more than you’re drinking now).  Dehydration causes shrinkage of brain tissue.  So when we haven’t been drinking enough water, our brains have to work a lot harder to perform at the same level.  One study even found that students who brought water to tests did better on their exams.

At AquAid, we’re well-versed about how important a sufficient water intake is to our health and well-being. Which is why, when it comes to water dispensers, we will always give you the best advice about which water cooler is the right fit for your office, workspace, work site, medical or educational facility.

Contact us at your convenience. Allow us to provide you with the benefit of over 23 years’ experience while we guide you to which AquAid water cooler from our extensive range will help you keep brain alert, happy and healthy.

Are you AquAidly hydrated?

Are you AquAidly hydrated?

“You can tune a guitar, but you can’t tuna fish. Unless, of course, you play bass.” Douglas Adams

With the all-encompassing advent of our world online, I have been wondering for some time now if puns are the things of beauty they once were.  Post millennium there are more social media pun dedicated pages than you could shake a stick.

One cannot help but think that if puns are becoming obsolete (by the mere fact that there are just too many of them being churned out to be of any relevance) are the other witty extensions of language also on the slippery slope to obsolescence?

While you ponder this, we’d like you to consider the raison d’être behind the rather pun filled headline of this blog.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered, what we’re asking (a perennial favourite) is are you adequately (AquAidly) hydrated? If not, why not? Is it because you’re unsure of what qualifies as adequate hydration? Well, there we can help.

Being as we are a water and water cooler provider of some 23 years, it’s our business to know all about proper hydration.  We’re constantly checking to ensure that we’re up-to-date about all things drinking water related.

One of the ways that we pass on this information to you, dear online reader, is by providing a quick reference guide at our website. That’s here.

Aside from that, we have over 22 AquAid branches throughout the UK, staffed by highly experienced water knowledgeable teams who are well equipped to provide you with the best water provision solution – tailor-made to suit your hydration requirements.

We can’t, of course, make you hydrate properly as that’s certainly up to you. We’re also not using the terms – lead-horse-water-drink in here, perish the thought – but we are hoping that you recognise for your own health and well-being how important it is to make sure that you are aware that in order to perform at your peak -whether at work, school or play – you need to be adequately (AquAidly) hydrated.

We would love to be able to assist. Contact us today.

Why Hydrate More when it’s Hot?

Why Hydrate More when it’s Hot?

Simply put, because *staying hydrated is one of the best ways you can support your body and help it cool off. When the heat is extreme, you may sweat more and need to drink more to offset those lost fluids.

You should drink water to counteract dehydration in hot or warm weather, regardless of your activity level. Drinking water helps lower your body temperature and replace the fluid you lose through sweating.

Start hydrating right away. It’s easier to maintain your fluid balance if you start out in a well-hydrated state, so drink water before you exercise, work or spend time outside when it’s hot. Then continue to do so during and after your workday.

For most people, thirst is a good indication that you need more water. Before you become dehydrated, you’ll feel thirsty and your mouth may feel dry or sticky.*

After a while, you may also become lethargic and unable to think clearly.  Other signs include reduced urine output and urine that is a deep yellow colour. Your eyes might even look a bit sunken and feel dry.

Even being mildly dehydrated can be a problem, so don’t ignore those early signs. Mild dehydration reduces your ability to think clearly as well as your physical co-ordination.

AquAid are here to help you and everyone in your organisation, site, university, college or school maintain great hydration habits. With our wide range of bottled or mainsfed water coolers, and our scheduled and next day bottled water deliveries as part of our service, we have you (water) coolered. Speak to us today: 0800 772 3003

*excerpts from articles at Samhealth and verywellfit

Hydrate Your Way to Health

Hydrate Your Way to Health

The title isn’t just catchy, it’s the literal truth.

More than 90% of Britons experience health issues. What’s worth noting is that many of these health issues can be resolved by simply drinking water more as it may well be that dehydration is the cause.

If you are feeling unwell and are displaying the following symptoms, you may be dehydrated:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry skin 
  • Feeling tired 
  • Irritability 
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Feeling faint/dizzy 
  • Headache

Often, these symptoms are a direct result of not drinking enough water. The good news here is that by simply increasing how much water you drink which will rehydrate you, your organs are able to function better and not expend further energy sending you signals that they need water.

Remember though, if you are drinking enough water and are hydrating properly – check the easy reference chart at the AquAid website – and you’re still feeling unwell, there may be another cause, so you may want to chat to your health professional.

Of course, as here at AquAid Water Coolers our focus is all about the supply of refreshing bottled-at-source water through our Bottled Water Dispensers and filtered water via our Mains Water Coolers, we’re well aware of the links between hydration and health.  Moreover, by offering a wide range of high quality water dispensers suited for installation in whatever size organisation you may have, we are also able to assist with the provision of safe water resources to thousands of communities who currently do not have access to clean drinking water.

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