Why Choose AquAid Instant Hot Water Taps

Why Choose AquAid Instant Hot Water Taps

Instant Taps are fast becoming a sleek and stylish alternative to more traditional water-points in office kitchens, breakout areas, boardrooms, and conferencing venues.  The benefits are numerous – they provide limitless hot, ambient or chilled water in one elegant solution, all at the touch of a button; they are stylish and compact, fitting neatly into a countertop with the boiler and chilling unit discreetly hidden underneath the worktop; and their instant supply of water improves efficiency, saving organisations both time and money.

When choosing instant hot water taps there are three factors to consider:

1) Your water requirements – do you require hot, ambient or chilled water, or is it a combination of all three?

2) Placement – do you want to create more space around the sink area itself, in which case the tap can be fitted with its own drain-away tray farther away; or if countertop space is limited do you want to install it on the edge of the sink or draining board itself?

3) And your preferred supplier – of all the reputable suppliers out there, why should you choose AquAid?

Apart from being the leading water cooler company in the UK for more than twenty years now, with 23 franchises across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland servicing over 30,000 customers – the major benefit in choosing AquAid Instant Taps is our service element. With us you have full peace of mind knowing that your installation will be professional and flawless, and that any services or repairs are included in our comprehensive service plans.

Most of the UK suffers from hard water scaling and too often companies choose hot water taps that don’t include a scale management filter or some form of service plan; or they’ve purchased the unit outright and scale related issues aren’t covered by warranty, which means that a few months after installation, things start to go wrong, resulting in very costly call-out and repair fees. But with AquAid rental plans – often far more affordable than buying the unit and then adding the cost of a maintenance plan on top of that – there’s no need to worry, because we ensure that the correct filters are installed from the start and our cost-effective and fully-inclusive service plans mean no unexpected and huge expenditure further down the line.

If you’re in the process of a new build or refurbishing your office kitchen, breakout area or any other refreshment point, with AquAid you can rest assured that you’re in the best hands, whatever your water needs may be. And not only will you benefit from high-quality products and exceptional service, but for a short time only you can save even more as we are also offering free installation and three months free rental on all our Instant Taps – be sure not to miss out.

AquAid and the Coffee Station

During these winter months, our thoughts turn to keeping warm and a rather pleasant way to do this is by drinking a cuppa.

Today I’m concentrating on coffee.

Here’s some random info to keep your brain warm too.

Coffee shop culture has been ‘trending’ for decades now, in some instances ‘doing coffee’ is even more popular than meeting at the pub. People’s lifestyles and attitudes to their choice of beverages and where they spend their time to socialise have significantly changed – this could also be a factor of most societies becoming multi-cultural and a cup of java is the preferred drink instead of drinking alcohol.

A few little known coffee facts

Coffee is a term applied to the drink, the beans and the genus Coffea which is part of the Madder family.

There are over thirty species of genus, but we only use three of them.

  1. C. arabica
  2. C. canephora and
  3. C. liberica.

The coffee plants bloom fragrant white flowers but only for a few days.

It takes about five years to grow before a coffee tree can produce a full harvest.

AquAid not only supply a wide range of water coolers for the workplace and schools, but also a range of water boilers and hot drinks – Kenco Coffee being one:

There’s a wide range of authentic Kenco coffee flavours to choose from including:

  •         dark, medium or light roast
  •         Columbian, Kenyan or Carte Noir blends
  •         rich espresso
  •         creamy cappuccino
  •         de-caf coffees.

Happy keeping warm day to you

Water Boilers / Coolers 22nd Century Style!

Water Boilers / Coolers 22nd Century Style!

AquAid have a new kid on the block. It’s very stylinnnnng. Its debuts just in time for the colder climes approaching the U.K. at warp speed Mr Sulu. Before I wax lyrical about how styling this little marvel is, here’s the nitty gritty tech spec. stuff:

What is its name? It is called The AquAid Instant Boiler

Features and Options

  • Upmarket, stainless steel design
  • Dispense point on worktop, boiler hidden underneath
  • Electronically controlled for constant temperature of 95 degrees
  • Mains fed
  • Rapid draw off 7 litres
  • Minimum hourly output 28 litres
  • Minimal steam escape
  • Early warning intelligent diagnostics with LCD display

Now you may be thinking that by me expounding all the wonderful attributes of this nifty 7ℓ stainless steel boiler, this means I’m so bedazzled by its sleek design and efficient lines that I am automatically denigrating our other water boilers. I’m not. Truly.

It’s just that we believe in a place for everything and everything in its place. Which translated to efficient speak means we have a variety of water boilers with capacities ranging from 3 through to 12.5 , so the 7 wedges in there capacity wise rather neatly.

I rather like the stainless steel design too – very Bauhaus / Danish modern / à la mode at present. I think.

Also note the ‘minimal steam escape’ feature. This means that when the AquAid Instant is at its constant percolating temperature of 95C°, which is just so warm and toasty, you won’t have great gobs of sweaty-making steam blorting out at you – which is especially welcome when you’re dispensing your 10th cuppa of the day.

Drink up, keep hydrated, and have a coffee, tea, or ………… hot drink of your choice on AquAid why don’t you.