AquAid – Encouraging Access to Drinking Water in Schools

AquAid – Encouraging Access to Drinking Water in Schools

Recently, Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, spoke of his wish to have all London primary schools become ‘water only’ zones.

The reasoning behind this stems from a report that found that nearly 40 percent of children in London between ages 10 and 11 are obese. Mayor Khan said, “Making water freely available and introducing measures like ‘water-only’ in schools are some of the simple things we can do to not only tackle childhood obesity, but also improve behaviour and learning.”

AquAid has always promoted and encouraged proper hydration habits for every individual; however, a large portion of our focus has always been and continues to be ensuring the provision of large capacity water coolers, designed specifically for the school environment, to schools throughout the UK. Our water coolers can either be Mains-Fed for large schools where the water consumption is high or, Bottle-Fed for schools where there are no water mains close to a particular area.

This is because, at AquAid, we understand that remaining properly hydrated helps to improve attention, short-term memory, and well-being. The fact is, a hydrated child is a much happier child and to this end, we have always encouraged our school customers to be able to provide readily available drinking water for both the children and school faculties.

Further to that, our water coolers are all equipped with anti-bacterial taps to ensure safe drinking water, and various drainage options to reduce overflow and spillage wherever possible. Moreover, to help create and instil better hydration habits, we also offer free refillable drinking water bottles and free school posters to help keep water top of mind during the school day.

Should I Increase My Water Consumption During A Heatwave?

Should I Increase My Water Consumption During A Heatwave?

When the temperatures soar within a short time frame, it’s easy to forget something as simple as adjusting our water consumption to counteract what are most likely increased dehydration levels.

A thought that may help one adjust as the heat increases is to keep in mind that water not only makes up a significant percentage of every single bodily organ but each of our organs requires adequate water to function well.

Which is why, here at AquAid Water Coolers, we continue to encourage the implementation of good daily hydration habits, whatever the weather and wherever the location.

One of the simplest methods to ensure that you’re drinking enough water is to install a water cooler at your premises whether that’s in an office; building site; festival; concert hall; sporting or social event; hotel; medical facility; childcare facility; school; college or university.

If you would like to ensure that everyone in your organisation has easy access to refreshing drinking water, irrespective of the weather, contact us at AquAid.  We supply a wide range of high quality Bottled and Mains-Fed water coolers and we have, for over two decades helped our more than 33,000 customers keep hydrated through the delivery of bespoke water supply solutions , tailor-made to meet the requirements of any organisation, be they small, medium or large.




AquAid Water Cooler 101 (or First Date with your Water Cooler)

AquAid Water Cooler 101 (or First Date with your Water Cooler)

How do bottle fed coolers and mains fed coolers differ?

Bottle fed water coolers are free standing units that use a large polycarbonate bottle to deliver water, and can be either bottom or top loaded. Mains fed water coolers connect to the main water supply and utilise filtration services to provide clean, refreshing, chilled water. Both types of water coolers have an on/off switch that controls the cooling and/or heating functions of the dispenser.

How is the water kept cold?

In order to chill the water prior to dispensation, water coolers have a reservoir within the dispenser that holds a set amount of water. The reservoir is the place where the water is chilled by a refrigerant, or through thermoelectricity.

What stops the bottle fed dispenser water from flooding?

When the bottle of water is inverted and placed into the opening on the top of the water cooler, the seal of the water bottle is severed or punctured by a part referred to as the ‘spike’, allowing the water to flow into the water cooler. Inside the water cooler is a valve that prevents the water from the bottle flooding the water cooler.

How are the water coolers kept clean?

Both Bottle-Fed and Mains-Fed Dispensers are kept clean by being sanitised.

At AquAid, bottle fed machines are sanitised every 3 months. Mains fed are sanitised every 6 months.

An ozone generator is used for this purpose.

What is an ozone generator?

Ozone (O3) is a gas very similar to normal oxygen (O2), just with an added oxygen molecule. In water the effect of ozone is that it will kill all unwanted bacteria, spores and viruses, leaving the water container and water dispenser clean, clear and safe.

Where does the water in the coolers originate from?

Based on your location, the bottled water delivered to you from AquAid is either water bottled at source, or drawn from natural springs in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

All the spring water is bottled at source.

The water is poured directly into the various sized bottles which are hermetically sealed to lock in the natural purity.

And there it remains until it emerges from your water cooler, just as it left the source: cool and pure.

What benefits derive from installing an AquAid Water Cooler?

We offer a free on-site survey to assess what your needs are and what combination of hot water boilers, bottle-fed water coolers or mains-fed water coolers best suit your requirements.

Your personal Account Manager, based at our head office and reporting directly to the Managing Director, is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to meet your exact needs.

A single point of contact for placing new orders and making any enquiries, along with a centralised billing system allows for a streamlined process that delivers maximum efficiency.

If any issues arise, your local depot is encouraged to speak directly to our local depot which facilitates immediate action and minimises any potential misunderstandings or delays.

Regular spend report analysis and account reviews allow us to measure and track performance to highlight any cost saving opportunities and to ensure we are constantly meeting your goals.

 By partnering with us, an award-winning design water pump, dedicated to and bearing your company name, will be built in Africa which will bring life-saving water to hundreds of families every day.

AquAid’s Mains Fed Water Cooler Range: The Fusion

AquAid’s Mains Fed Water Cooler Range: The Fusion

Having the right water dispenser is vitally important. At AquAid we’re here to help guide you about which machine is right for your drinking water needs – Mains Fed or Bottle Fed? Floor Standing or Desktop?

It’s easy to see why the Floor Standing AquAid Fusion  is one of AquAid’s most popular water dispensers.

With an ultra-stylish design, this mains-fed cooler combines both chilled fresh and piping hot fresh water in one streamlined machine and is proving to be extremely popular in work spaces of up to 10-15 staff in meeting their requirements for both chilled and boiling water.

The on-trend dark graphite colour of the AquAid Fusion  makes it suitable for use in any area in the workplace, including your office, kitchen or factory; and the Hygiene Guard silver impregnated dispense tap reduces bacteria transfer and cross contamination.


Like the Fusion Floor Standing, but are short on space? Then the Desktop version is perfect for your requirements.  This streamlined dispenser requires a minimal 488mm(H) in height of countertop space and complements most work areas.  Once installed, the Fusion will easily dispense up to 18ℓ of chilled drinking water and up to 7 cups of boiling water.

This innovative machine also offers a host of other features: a proven energy consumption reduction of 25%; an integral cup dispenser, and the Hygiene Guard silver impregnated dispense tap reduces bacteria transfer and cross contamination.

Installation and servicing

Not only do we provide top quality water coolers such as the Fusion, we also install and service the machines for you.  All of our machines are installed by our EDWCA accredited service technicians and as per the EDWCA guidelines; we sanitise all mains-fed water dispensers every 6 months.

For all your water and water cooler requirements, contact us at AquAid today. With over 20 years of experience and more than 22 branches nationwide, we’re perfectly positioned to provide you with the right water dispenser to meet your drinking water requirements.

Why a Mains Fed Water Cooler is right for your requirements

Why a Mains Fed Water Cooler is right for your requirements

Knowing which type of water cooler is a good fit for your premises (or office, or medical facility or learning institution) can be a little tricky. This article will help demystify the options and point you to the right cooler.

AquAid has more than 20 years’ experience in the provision of water dispensers and have installed over 28,000 Mains Fed machines throughout the UK.

From your first point of contact, whether it’s from our website, a phone call or a meeting with one of our friendly sales team, you will be dealing with an experienced member of the AquAid, who will be able to guide you in the correct type of water cooler for your requirements.

Why would you install a Mains Fed water cooler?

Mains Fed water dispensers are a cost effective alternative to bottled water machines. The average bottled water customer could save up to 70% by switching to a mains-fed cold water machine.

Not only this, a mains fed water cooler connects to your mains supply and uses a unique, high quality 1 micron water filtration system to deliver water that’s as refreshing and pure as water from bottle fed water coolers.

Select of our Mains Fed coolers also have the capacity to provide high volumes of both chilled and hot drinking water, all simply at the press of a button.

Where would you install a Mains Fed water dispenser?

Because a Mains Fed cooler has the capacity to generate large volumes of refreshing drinking water, the machines are best suited for installation in any large traffic areas such as:


Large corporate, Medical or Educational environments and

Larger kitchens and offices.

Will you need to service your cooler?

Not at all. Not only do these water coolers offer quality at good value; installing and maintaining them couldn’t be simpler, as our trained engineers take care of all installations and ongoing maintenance.

To find out more about the best Mains Fed water cooler to suit your requirements, contact us at AquAid, either via our contact page or on 0800 772 3003. We look forward to being able to assist you.