AquAid’s Hot & Chilled Water Dispensers, Water Boilers and Instant Taps – Giving You More

AquAid’s Hot & Chilled Water Dispensers, Water Boilers and Instant Taps – Giving You More

Recently on social media, we posted about how the demand for drinking water changes depending on the seasons.

With this top of mind, we thought to increase awareness about the wide range of water dispensers AquAid supply, thereby meeting all drinking water needs and requirements.

Aside from the recent introduction of our range of Touch-Free water dispensers that offer even more hygienic safety features, AquAid also offer a wide selection of high quality hot & chilled water dispensers, hot water boilers and Instant Taps.

Hot & Cold Water Dispensers like the AQ Max Desktop.  This elegant and compact workhorse is the ideal solution if you are short on space but want to enjoy the cost-saving benefits of a plumbed-in water dispenser.

Despite its compact size, this machine is well suited for installation in areas where there is a medium to high demand for chilled & hot drinking water.

AquAid’s range of Hot Water Boilers, such as the Eco LargeFlow, offers the perfect combination of reduced usage costs and energy efficiency whilst delivering a rapid draw of piping hot water and is suited to any medium to large home or office workspace.

A stylish, space saving constant supply of hot drinking water makes the AquAid Instant Tap ideal for installation in (staff) kitchens and breakout areas. With an elegant tap system, that dispenses boiling and ambient water at the touch of a button, with the water boiler unit discreetly installed underneath the worktop, this hot water tap provides a limitless supply of boiling water.

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The Unseen Advantages of the AquAid Hot Water Boiler

The Unseen Advantages of the AquAid Hot Water Boiler

The simplest route to keep warm when it’s cold is to drink hot water. Bold statement, can we back it up?

We can. Aside from all the usual solutions to keep ourselves warm – layered clothing, closed shoes, hats – drinking a hot drink (even if it’s gently heated water, say with a squeeze of lemon) can raise the body’s temperature almost immediately.

Drinking hot water provides other benefits too:

*Relieves nasal congestion. According to a 2008 study, drinking a hot drink, such as tea, provided quick, lasting relief from a runny nose, coughing, sore throat and tiredness. The hot drink was more effective than the same drink at room temperature.

*Helps reduce toxins. Drinking hot water temporarily raises your internal body temperature.  Your body’s endocrine system activates and you start to sweat. While sweating might be uncomfortable, it’s an essential part of getting rid of toxins and irritants we are exposed to in our environment. According to the Arthritis Foundation, drinking water is important for flushing toxins out of your body. It can help fight inflammation, keep the joints well lubricated and prevent gout.

*Can assist with weight loss. As your body compensates for the warm temperature of the water, it brings your internal temperature down and activates your metabolism. A small 2003 study reported that switching from cold water to hot water could help people lose weight through this thermic effect.

How do all of these benefits tie in with AquAid Hot Water Boilers? Very well, as it turns out.

When at work, waiting for the kettle to boil can be a lengthy process. Constantly boiling the kettle also uses more electricity, so getting your hot drink can be costly and counter-productive.

When you install an AquAid hot water boiler, an unlimited supply of filtered, boiling drinking water is kept at the perfect hot drink temperature throughout the working day, whether in the office, workspace or school. Furthermore, AquAid’s range of hot water boilers provide for a draw of piping hot water of anything from 12 mugs from the Eco WallFit Water Boiler at one draw, up to a 40 mug draw from the Eco Large Fill Water Boiler.

Speak to us at AquAid today so you too can benefit from the unseen advantages of installing a hot water boiler.

*source: Healthline article, author: Kathy Watson

AquAid Water Dispensers – Hydration for All Seasons

AquAid Water Dispensers – Hydration for All Seasons

As we head into cooler climes, having a constant supply of refreshing drinking water, both hot and cold, becomes all the more important. However, waiting for the kettle to boil when we’re busy working not only interrupts work flow, it also reduces our ability to work efficiently and repeatedly boiling a kettle is time-consuming, costs money and wastes electricity.

Whether you require a hot drinking water supply for a small, medium or large staff contingent, you can rely on AquAid. We offer a stylish, high-quality range of hot and cold water dispensers and hot water boilers designed to ably meet your organisation’s drinking water capacity demands, all while saving you time, money and energy.

One example is the AquAid Eco Compact Water Boiler. Designed specifically to fit in-between the standard distance between worktops and kitchen units, this well-designed water boiler produces a rapid 5ℓ draw off – providing sufficient piping hot water to fill 20 mugs in in one draw.

If the demand requires an even larger hot water draw, then the AquAid Eco LargeFlow is the perfect option. With its 10ℓ rapid draw off and ability to produce 30ℓ piping hot water per hour, this UK designed and made water boiler is perfect for installation in any medium to large sized workspace with a larger staff contingent.

Each of the AquAid Eco range also features a built-in ECO mode that reduces electricity consumption, thereby saving money and helping the environment.

These Eco Boilers are but two of AquAid’s range of cost-saving, efficient, reduced electricity usage hot water dispensers. For more of the hot water range, browse our range or send us your enquiry online. Alternatively, please call us on 0800 772 3003 or e-mail: